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Frequently Asked Questions


How to purchase Japanese used cars and vehicles from us?

Follow these steps:

1. View our Japan & South Africa used vehicles stock

2. Select your desired vehicle.
3. Click Get Quote button & submit form with relevant information.

4. Please check your mail, we will send you Proforma invoice by mail or fax.

5. Proforma invoice contains the CIF or C&F price along with bank details & mode of payment.

6. Arrange payment - The desired vehicle will be reserved for you upon full receipt of payment.

7. Shipment of the vehicle.

8. The vehicle has successfully reached to the port of discharge and you can receive it.

How can Royal Japan provide vehicles at cheap prices as compare to other companies in the market?

1. Low operation cost.

2. Keeping low margins as compare to other competitors.

3. Focusing on cost along with high product quality.

4. Quality means high product value at low cost for us.

5. Member of huge variety of auctions in Japan such as USS , JU, BCN, etc.

6. Our staff constantly keeps an eye on the vehicles that are available in the Japanese market and as soon as they come across quality vehicles at economical price. They purchase it and than transfer that economical priced vehicle to the customer at most economical price.

What is your vehicle`s condition?

All vehicles are sourced from Auto Auctions and through franchise dealers & wholesalers in and around the central region of Japan. These vehicles are thoroughly checked by our team of professional buyer`s mechanic staffs before we stock them. All Japanese cars and vehicles listed on our list are owned by Royal Japan Co.,Ltd. We are not third party agents or broker.

How can I create an account in your website?

You need to click here to create a new account and start shopping from us.

How can I get Proforma invoice?

We will send it to your e-mail so You can print the Proforma invoice.

Who is supposed to answer my queries?

Write us at, before you write us, kindly view the available list of questions at top of this page, as this may save your valuable time.

How come a 5 years or older model vehicle carries a low mileage?

We have different standards when buying a vehicle, we usually purchase a vehicle with low mileage at economical prices and sell them on “as it is” basis. Secondly, high usage of rail transport in Japan when traveling from one place to another, as it saves time & is very cheap as well.

In which countries do you export your vehicles?

We can export to any country where there is a legal law to import Used vehicles from Japan.

Do you have any system to check up the car?

Yes! Our technical department is responsible for inspection of all cars before the shipment.


How can I place my order?

Follow these simple step by step guidelines:

1. See our Japanese Used Cars Stocks.

2. Select your desired vehicle.

3. Get invoice.

4. Make payment on invoice.

5. Shipping confirmation is sent.

6. Vehicle is shipped.

How can i print proforma invoice?

Follow these guidelines to print your invoice:

1. Select your desired vehicle

2. Click GET QUOTE button

3. Select your country and port

4. Fill out the form with your personal information


6. We will negotiate the offer with you once we agreed, we will mail you the Proforma Invoice and Your pro forma Invoice is ready to print!!

What happens if the vehicle I selected appeared to be Sold to another customer?

From the wide range of auctions we deal with we have the ability to source vehicles that are not on our list. Please note there will be an advanced deposit required prior to purchasing the vehicle. Please e-mail us to request a special request order form.


What kind of maintenance service do you provide on my Japanese car / vehicle?

All Japanese used cars and vehicles are basically sold on "As it is" basis. However, vehicles are well checked for road worthiness. We arrange necessary vehicle`s inspection on the demand of the consumer prior to the shipment. If any malfunctions are found, they are attended to you before being exported. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our Japanese vehicles and also our efficiency and service which is second to none!

What kind of maintenance works do I have to do after delivery?

We recommend following maintenance and service be worked out upon arrival.

-Change oil and oil filter.

-Check tyres, change as required to meet local standards.

-A thorough interior and exterior service.

Is there any damage or problem in your Japanese car?

If there are any minor or major problems in our vehicles we declare it on our website, because we work on the philosophy of keeping things transparent with our customers.